New Volkswagen ID Crozz: Specs, Price & Release Date

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2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept will be released later in 2020, but it looks like it will be announced in 2019. Before that, at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show which lasted until September 24, Volkswagen AG officially introduced their latest version, the 2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept.

2025 Volkswagen ID Crozz Spy Photos

In 2020 the Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept has a high ride-height system which is an electric crossover and is referred to as the enhanced version of the first ID Crozz Concept, which was previously introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show in early 2017.

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept Stylish Exterior Appearance and Safety System

The presence of Hibiscus Red Metallic color paint, you will meet a concept that is updated on the stylish exterior of the 2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept with the presence of LED lights and 21-inch feet to look futuristic.

One change that stands out from the initial concept is the new front fascia which is more representative thanks to the redesigned side and underside of the car so that the appearance is more realistic for later production models.

In the cabin also get a styling change: the designer installs five Smart Lights that are housed in the door panel and in front of the driver. The existence of a Smart Light lamp serves as a warning about a potential collision that technically blinks and acts as an important element in the form of visual support for the sound control system.

The system allows you, as a user, to control various functions, such as opening and closing doors through sound alone. The cabin ID 2020 ID Crozz Concept is also equipped with an ambient lighting system and 10.2-inch wide infotainment system. The highlights of this car, including Active Info Display which has a size of 5.8 inches, a digital rearview mirror, and Alcantara coating trim.

2025 Volkswagen ID Crozz INterior PIctures

In 2020 ID Crozz Concept, equipped with MacPherson Strut support on the front and multi-link rear suspension at the rear, plus electronically controlled dampers. The car has a wide bonnet and contoured wings and is rather difficult to remember if this car is the fruit of Volkswagen.

On the roof get high-gloss black color, while the electric drive unit and lithium-ion EV battery on the floor of the car that produces an open cabin and provides comfort for you and three other passengers (total passengers: 4 people).

2020 Volkswagen Crozz Electricity ID on the Engine

Regarding the energy, ID 2020 ID Crozz Concept provides two electric motors that can produce a combined power output of 301 horsepower (225 kW). Thanks to the power possessed, it allows the crossover that has an all-wheel-drive system to have a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour (111 mph), with cruising as far as 500 kilometers or 310 miles.

In terms of battery, ID 2020 ID Crozz Concept carries a battery that can be charged up to 80 percent in just a short time, around 30 minutes thanks to a fast charging system or DC electrical charging system of 150 kW. No different from ID Buzz, the ID 2020 ID Crozz electric engine as this crossover is positioned in the center to provide a better center of gravity.

Furthermore, 2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz also has an autonomous-driving feature equipped with 4 laser scanners on the roof, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, front-side cameras, while the chassis uses the same modular platform as Buzz ID and ID.

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Changes

Not much different from other new Volkswagen models, the 2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz the latest platform from MQB and is a segment under Crozz that comes with some sophisticated and unique features besides the ID Crozz identity itself.

Volkswagen offers you a choice because the VW ID Crozz provides six types of engines, three petrol engines and three diesel engines. Starting engine displacement from 1.0 liter TSI Turbo, 1.5-liter TSI Evo, and 2.0-liter TSI. The diesel engine itself consists of 1.6 and 2.0 liters (148 bhp and 197 bhp).

The VW ID Crozz has the usual transmission, which is a six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG. For those of you who want to give, there will be a choice of drives between 2WD (front wheel) and AWD 4Motion (all-wheel drive) with more grip on a smooth road.

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept will promise as a future car that not only provides power, technological sophistication, and appearance but has a long distance in one charge to become the advantage of this car. You can only have ID 2020 ID Crozz in 2020 and please see the mass production version of this car.

2025 Volkswagen ID Crozz Spied

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