2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser: Concept, Specs, Release Date

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2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept is the latest car from Toyota, this time we will discuss the latest car made in Japan is very tough, like a trail car of its form but this is a versatile car, a car suitable for families with the large size to make users comfortable if driving.

2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Price

Toyota Fj-Cruiser. I’m sure, especially the 4×4 jeep enthusiasts, are no stranger to this one Toyota product. His trademark figure is reminiscent of one of the most legendary Toyota jeeps, the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, you may have met milling about on the streets, though not much. Yes, FJ Cruisers have been circulating in the domestic market for a long time through a General Importer (IU). The good news, now that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is officially in the product line-up of PT. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) since its launch at the automotive exhibition event

One thing is unique, the philosophy of the TJ name is ‘Toolbox’ and ‘Joy’. If your Toyota Cruiser name already understands, what do you mean by that? With a boxed design, this car has a special coating on the hood, roof, and fenders to protect from dirt and scratches. Oh yeah, the hood opens to the front, you know, it’s not backward like most cars.

If you hope for comfort, it seems like it’s absent first. Judging from the design, this car looks very sturdy with 20-inch alloy wheels and 4-wheel drive does not seem to make this car a ‘comfortable’ but this car is definitely proper to eat offroad tracks.

The entrance system is still similar to Delica which uses a sliding door in the back, while the unique thing is a seat that can be folded flat on the front row floor. A total of 3 meters long objects can enter this car. About the accommodation of other items as well as this car can carry it safely.

Toyota was already ready to enliven the event Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, and one of the products that will steal the attention of many visitors is 2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept. Mentioned, TJ Cruiser a crossover that offers cabin space van with SUV design.

2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

You should also know that Name TJ stands for Toolbox and Joy. Toolbox refers to the toolbox while Joy interpreted as a sense of joy when visiting various places let alone places in Indonesia is very obliged to be visited by this TJ let more fun again.

Cruiser itself is also often used in the Toyota SUV line that describes toughness. So Tj, a versatile car that can be used even to carry anything so we do not hassle to carry things that may be difficult to transport because it has a very wide cabin. That’s the interpretation.

2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

As already mentioned above indeed this car really suited for the adventurous, let’s calculate the dimensions of the car is in the claim can bring anything, With dimensions of length 4300 mm, width 1775 mm, and 1620 mm height, TJ Cruiser has a distance between wheelbase of 2,750 mm.


While theĀ  TJ Cruiser Concept offers flexibility and claimed objects with a length of up to 3 meters can fit into the cabin TJ Cruiser. Bicycles, surfboards, even tents can be stored easily to accompany your outdoor adventures or activities but the tent should be folded first so do not have it installed.

Apart from that on the roof and hood and the back door of this car is coated with special paint scratch-resistant so that users of this car do not have to worry about blisters because of this twig streaks he is happy to adventure if a car scratch-resistant must be venturing into the forest.

While the identity of Van is suspected through the availability of spacious and roomy space for the stock of goods to be carried as well as the presence of sliding door as access in and out of goods in the rear cabin.

2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Interior


Toyota said that the TJ Cruiser Concept will be built with the construction of the next generation Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA) and will use a 2,000cc hybrid engine that has not been clearly specified. But it is also mentioned that the TJ Cruiser Concept has the option of part-time drive all-wheel drive and means that this car can be selected to move with 4×2 and the 4×4 system is very convenient for this Asian-made car, just choose by its users to suit their needs. At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show 2017, the TJ Cruiser Concept will be part of the car on display at the Toyota booth.

Of all that has been described above that this car is perfect for you who like adventurous and can be used to put a lot of goods, 2021 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept is also very suitable for you and your big family because of the spacious and spacious cabin.

Release Date

The Toyota TJ Cruiser will be produced in 2021. and is likely to be available on the market in late 2021 or early 2021.

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