2020 Pininfarina PF0 Elctric Hypercar: Specs, Concept & Price

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For some people. The Pininfarina brand is very familiar and the release of Pininfarina PF0 Battista is awaited thing. But for those who are unfamiliar with cars. This brand will sound foreign.

2020 Pininfarina PF0 Specs

What Is Pininfarina?

Battista ‘Pinin ‘Farina has begun designing cars from well-known automotive manufacturers since the 1930s. Like Peugeot. Mitsubishi. Jaguar. Maserati. Especially Ferrari based in Turin. Italy. Until finally they decided to produce their own car. No longer just designing cars for other automotive companies. In an effort to continue the ambitions of the founder of Automobile Pininfarina. The grandson of Paolo. Strive to create this project.

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show which took place in March was the official debut of their first production car named after. Battista. According to the name of the company’s founder or PF0. PF0 Battista is a supercar with electric power that has an upscale design and superior performance.

Four years ago. Automotive company Mahindra bought Pininfarina for $ 190.6 million. Then. Pininfarina intends to produce only 150 units of PF0 Battista cars with three main European market destinations. America. And the Middle East. This time. Pininfarina PF0 Battista can be ordered with the pre-order format to be owned in 2020. Although the status is now a subsidiary of Mahindra. PF0 Battista will be produced entirely in Italy.

2020 Pininfarina PF0 Battista Exterior

If you know how to design a Ferrari car. Then you will find a design similar to the Pininfarina PF0 Battista. No wonder. Because indeed for years Pininfarina has designed the brand output car with the Prancing Horse logo.

A car that can be owned in 2020 Pininfarina PF0 Battista has a tagline. In Italian. “Soprattutto deve es essere bella” or in Indonesian: above all. Beautiful is a must. The tagline is very much in line with the Battista’s exterior design which surely makes everyone amazed at its beauty. Each curve and angle on the coupe type car displays the luxury of high art design from the hands of the expert.

Inspiration in designing the car was obtained by Battista from various natural objects exposed to angina. Like mountains. The form of ice. To the street snow. From there Battista’s design inspiration was taken. Not only that. Design inspiration also comes from the history of extraordinary design. Namely the 1947 Castalia 202 and the Ferrari 512S modulo Concept in 1970.

To create a beautiful exterior design. Used carbon fiber materials that remain strong even though it makes the vehicle’s weight becomes much lighter. While the paint of this car is made from natural materials. Without a mixture of chemicals.

2020 Pininfarina PF0 Price & Release Date


In the class. PF0 Battista is a very luxurious car compared to other cars in the same class. This is a counterweight to the elegance of the exterior design and engine power with a charming interior design. Modernity is much highlighted in this car. Mainly because of the presence of three screens behind the steering wheel. Glamorous appearance can be seen from the use of the best quality leather material in the seats and other parts to show the beauty of the inside of the car to be in harmony with the tagline mentioned above.

2020 Pininfarina PF0 Battista Engine Specs

As a super specification electric car that is also a luxury HyperCard with the world’s first true electric engine. The engine that is embedded in the car output 2020 Pininfarina PF0 Battista is not playing games.

This car has an engine with an output of a total of 1,400 kW or the same as the power of 1,900 brake horsepower with a torque of 2,305-newton meters produced by a quad-motor setup made by Rimac. With the machine. This supercar can exceed 100 kilometers per hour in less than two seconds and is capable of racing at a maximum speed of 402 kilometers per hour.

Possibility. Battista’s maximum speed is intentionally limited electronically given the purpose of marketing this car as a vehicle that can be legal on public roads. Estimated. This car battery can accompany exploration as far as 482 kilometers without the carbon emissions produced. Of course, this distance can be achieved if the car is driven casually. Not for speeding. Not only that. This car also has a fast charging feature which only takes 40 minutes to charge the battery from empty to 80 per cent.

Pininfarina PF0 Price

For now. This car can be ordered through the official page and in 2020 Pininfarina PF0 Battista can reach the buyer. As an environmentally friendly HyperCard. The amount produced is very limited. So does the country where the car is distributed as described earlier. The price is special because it touches $2.6 million because it is commensurate with the quality that will be obtained in the exterior and interior design and exceptional engine capabilities in the electric car scene.

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