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The spy shots of the upcoming 2021 Ford F150 has already come out. While the current version of Ford F150 is known as one of the best-selling vehicles of all time, there must be so much expectation related to the update received by the new 2021 model.

Spy Shots Reveal the Brand New 2021 Ford F150

The new look of F150 is pretty much alike with its predecessor. But, there are some rumors that this new car will get an updated interior. While it looks a bit similar to the old version, it’s basically some noticeable changes that you can see from the spy shots.

The design of the rear door remains consistent with the current version. As a result, you should expect the door to be hinged from the rear and is able to be opened through a handle revealed by unlocking the front door. Of course, it will come with both advantages and disadvantages.

2021 Ford F150 Redesign & Updates

The new F150 is still designed with a three-box style with the empty beer cans and payload in the back, the engine up front, and the people in the middle. This car is called camouflage and this camo is surely comprehensive. You can obviously see where Ford made a mask for the trademark style-line notch.

Considering the big initial expenditure to make the aluminum body of 2021 Ford F150, we believe that this generation will come as something new instead of a wholesale redo. When taking a look at the spy shots, the headlight signature or design seems to be LED style.

From the recent spy shots, a large Crew Cab with four full-size doors is revealed. Many believe that it is a lower-spec of the car since it has old-style halogen bulbs. Nothing about this truck points out any innovative styling changes. But, it doesn’t seem so heartbreaking since the current F150 still looks great anyway.

While the low-budget version uses pedestrian wheels, another version shown to have 22-inch rollers. Then, there’s also some rear discrepancies revealed from the recent spy shots. When we look at the car closely, the rear has a different shape. But, they have identical bumpers, exhaust pipes, trailer hitches, and trailer-harness hookups.

2021 Ford F150 Spy Images

2021 Ford F150 Release Date & Price

Then, how about the engine of this upcoming vehicle? Well, there are actually not many hints about the engine powering new 2021 Ford F150. But, there’s a long-running rumor that it will be powered by a 4.8L V-8 engine which is going to replace the current 5.0L V-8 engine.

What is sure to get an update with the new F150 is the interior. This new vehicle is supposed to compete with its competitors when it comes to the interior. Thus, we can expect for something new from Ford, especially after the release of Fiat Chrysler’s Ram 1500.

Price & Lease Deals

Now the question is when this new pickup truck is supposed to be released? Well, we expect it to be released in 2020. And currently, the best lease deal for a full-size F150 is between $199 and $389 per month with down payments starting at $3,839. That’s all about the new 2021 Ford F150.

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