2020 Apple iMaybe: Specs, Release Date, Price, Concept

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2020 Apple iMaybe – Apple is a well-known gadget brand whose sophistication and exclusivity is undoubted. However, out of habit, Apple plans to launch an electric car in 2020.

2020 Apple iMaybe Release Date & Price

Get to know 2020 Apple iMaybe

Who doesn’t know Apple? Apple is a company based in Cupertino, California since 1976 and officially named Apple Computer Inc. January of 1977. Apple’s widely used products are the iPhone, iMac, iPod, iPad, and iWatch.

All of these products have been widely used throughout the world, including Canada. Usually, people who use one of Apple’s products will continue to use other products because they can be synchronized, thus facilitating mobility and making work or activities more effective to be done anywhere and anytime.

Apple also does not stop innovating since long ago. Ranging from design to specifications, keep up with the times to meet the needs of its users. The advantage of having an Apple product is its high quality, so it can have a long life. Another feature of using Apple products is its service center which can be easily found in big cities. In addition, the return selling price is also high.

2020 Apple iMaybe Review

As if out of line or an attempt to explore the new field, 2020 Apple iMaybe will be present, an electric car. Today, more and more electric cars are produced by various world automotive manufacturers. To his surprise, Apple, which did not dwell on the automotive sector, also enlivened the ‘party’ of this electric car. However, of course, Apple is not working on this project alone.

Never cooperating with other brands, Apple finally decided to collaborate with BMW to realize an electric car that can be integrated with gadgets. This electric car project is named iMaybe. Because it will give birth to world-class electric cars, then Apple has provided enormous funds for this big project. It is not certain whether BMW is a concept partner or just an auto supplier, but of course, Apple’s characteristics will be seen from the surface of its metal-made car, a physical characteristic of Apple products.

The presence of Apple’s iMaybe 2020 is believed to be changing the world’s automotive industry. This Apple electric car product will be the first share-only car in the world and it will completely overturn the automotive industry. In addition, 2020 Apple iMaybe is also predicted to be a competitor of Tesla, which is one of the world’s best electric cars.

2020 Apple iMaybe Interior

Greatness in Apple iMaybe

IMove technology will be embedded in this electric car and the iMove concept will change the automotive world with far better style and performance. The performance of this electric car presents machine collaboration and other technical parts to produce one of the fastest cars ever.

The appearance of Apple iMaybe itself will look very futuristic and will eventually be able to present as a fully automatic vehicle, as it is said to be connected to the internet via the iPhone 12.

As mentioned earlier, the exterior will show the identity of Apple products with the use of textured metal, then the inside will be designed sophisticated and attractive. The shape is likely to be inspired by the BMW i3, but a little longer and wider. In it will be available four passenger seats and of course equipped with super sophisticated technology, as long as Apple has a proud reputation as a superior gadget manufacturer.

Materials that will be used are metal, genuine leather, glass, sapphire-based screens, and premium quality plastics for a number of buttons in the cabin.

However, the most anticipated thing from this Apple iMaybe 2020 electric car is the autonomous steering range and mode. For business battery charging, in order to compete with competitors who have already plunged into the world of electric vehicles, Apple will seek a short charging time and increased usage time.


The car that will be priced at around $ 30,000 will be launched as soon as possible in 2020.


For users in Canada, the presence of an electric car is not too general. So it requires more consideration to have an electric car like the 2020 Apple iMaybe. Moreover, this type of car usually has a market that will be prioritized in its distribution, namely countries that are already qualified in the possession of electric cars such as America and Europe.

Even so, there is nothing wrong if you want to try this car at launch or when there is an electric car exhibition, both in Canada and abroad. Hoping that electric cars that are more environmentally friendly and certainly more sophisticated soon enter more on the Canadian market is not impossible. So, to have 2020 Apple iMaybe in Canada or not, you will return to your intention to conduct in-depth research on electric car ownership in a country that is not yet familiar with this type of car.

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